The Sumavisor is a highly scalable provisioning engine designed for the rapid repurposing and deployment of virtual and physical IT infrastructure. The real value of Cloud Computing is the ability to utilize a pool of IT resources as needed, when needed. That means bare metal provisioning and stateless deployments. See how the Sumavisor can simplify your IT management and facilitate your Cloud solutions. (Overview.pdf)

The Sumavisor extends and enhances the functionality of the Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit (xCAT) which is deeply rooted in deploying the largest scalable systems in the world and has been provisioning scale-out systems for over 10 years. The Sumavi team includes xCAT experts who know how to stand up your Clusters.

The Sumavisor can help you:

  • Reduce or eliminate the high cost of single purpose hardware solutions
  • Eliminate expensive hardware deployments
  • Decrease the management complexity of existing solutions
  • Exclude expensive outsourced expertise

See how you can take advantage of the Sumavi solutions

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